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3(r), Three by Radio,  is an up-and-coming, classically trained percussion trio based in Cincinnati. Driven by their passion for new music, 3(r) invites audiences to explore and experience the vast musical possibilities of percussion. The genre and tradition of “percussion music” has become a distinct and revolutionary facet of American culture by the contributions of renowned composers such as John Cage, Lou Harrison, and their diverse contemporaries.

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On the shoulders of their predecessors, 3(r) crafts a vision for the future by empowering the voices of living composers, particularly those of a Latin American heritage. A musical experience with 3(r) can range from being bombastic and exciting to delicate and potent. Through compelling improvisation, masterful interpretation, and creative presentation, 3(r) captivates their audiences through the cross-pollination of genre and culture.

Members: Dr. Carlos Camacho, Josiah Rusing, Dr. Jacob Dike

Recent performances include:

  • PAS-Panama Percussion Seminar, Panama City, Panama, June 6-10, 2016.
  • Festival Alfredo de Saint Malo, Panama City, Panama, June 8, 2016.
  • Panama Preview Showcase Concert, Cincinnati, Ohio, May 18, 2016.
  • Red Door Concert Series, Cincinnati, Ohio. December 4, 2015.
  • PASIC 2015, San Antonio, Texas, Nov. 12, 2015.

Works Commissioned:


  • Cosa Seria by Alexander D. Romero (Venezuela)
  • Evening Primrose by Stuart Saunders Smith (USA)
  • En Sonidos de Mi Tierra by Alberto Restrepo (Colombia)
  • Sometimes My Arms Bend Back  by Daniel Harrison (USA)
  • Suitcase Music by Marissa DiPronio (USA)
  • Desde Ese Momento… by Andrés Carrizo (Panama)

Upcoming performances/projects include:

  • World premiere of Cosa Seria by Alexander D. Romero (date TBD)
  • World premiere of Evening Primrose by Stuart Saunders Smith (date TBD)
  • Various student and young composer collaborations



To stay up to date with all 3(r) information, visit them on Facebook HERE.